About Us

HR Superheroes is owned and managed by Employment Law Essentials Limited.

Employment Law Essentials was launched in 2004 by Carolyn Mumby, a Barrister with a board level background for a national employment law consultancy.

The original concept was to provide a consultancy service supported by an internet based support system to increase employers’ productivity and efficiency. The company gained a sizable membership base and continues to enjoy considerable success in this area.

In 2007 we recognised an opportunity to leverage our HR Portal technology by engaging with law firms already active in the employment law sector and today our experienced team of lawyers, developers, customer support and marketing staff continues to develop a network of prestigious partners throughout the country.

Our partners licence our technology and use it to increase their competitiveness by offering their own clients a leading online Employment Law and HR portal branded as their own.

In 2013 we launched HR Superheroes in response to a growing demand by SMEs for an outsourced Human Resources consultancy service. It is a given that we offer the high quality expertise and IT systems required by clients to help them grow safely and swiftly. However, we went one step further and added flexible contract terms which helps our clients access the service as and when they need it without long term commitment.