Health & Wellbeing

See the Big Picture

Our experts see the full picture. We know that building a workforce capable of delivering your company vision will require not only sound strategic planning and implementation, but also a fit and healthy team.

Your team can have that head start; you can increase your chances of building a productive, loyal workforce and transforming your company vision into reality if you see the full picture and start prioritising health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Transformational Programmes

HR Superheroes and occupational health partners IQ Health and Fitness have worked together to design the following health and wellbeing transformational programmes. Each programme complements the HR Superheroes service and delivers the results every growing company needs.

This is a small selection of the programmes on offer from the experts at IQ Health and Fitness and all can include membership of their highly regarded IQ gym concept.

Transformational programmes include audio and online support materials to provide a flexible and continual support mechanism for staff with unpredictable schedules.

Programmes are designed to:

  • Reduce stress and eliminate pain
  • Increase mental and physical fitness
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Improve performance and motivate teams
  • Complement HR workforce development systems

Techniques include:

  • Personal training to increase physical fitness and health.
  • Life coaching through difficult periods, to manage change in personal or business issues and reflect on self-improvement and progression.
  • Chiropractic care to ensure optimal physical health, improve comfort and energy levels and reduce pain whilst at work and at home.
  • Specific nutritional advice.

Examples include

Business Traveller
A programme for those who regularly travel in the UK and abroad and experience the pressures of:

  • Tight timetables, lengthy journeys, stressful situations,
  • Time zone changes, irregular sleep patterns
  • Periods away from home and fast food diets

This programme combines an ‘access all areas’ approach to our expertise and facilities with the purpose of attaining excellent mental and physical fitness for a successful business and family life.

Stepping up

A blended programme to provide support for employees who are evolving into manager, supervisor or team player roles; focusing on progression in the following areas to complement HR training and development plans this programme transforms individual performance especially in relation to:

  • Interpersonal relationships and positive attitudes
  • Accepting responsibility and becoming accountable

Back to work

Designed to help those staff members suffering with long term health issues this programme draws on a combination of tailored Life Coaching, Personal Fitness and Chiropractic care to support staff back to health and work and to enjoying a fulfilled life.