Features and benefits of the HR Portal

What it includes/ How it works
Cloud based, hosted service Secure access to your account where you will find a range of real time information, materials, storage and functionality.
  • Flexible access via computer, smartphone or tablet from any location at home, in the office or on the move to the data, information and materials needed to manage staff efficiently every day.
  • No software required
  • Superior quality experience
Multiple departments Set up individual departments for your organisation
  • Enables more detailed management
Multiple users
  • Set up as many users as you need.
  • Assign them access permissions to features and departments.
  • Share administrative responsibility between managers and/or supervisors
  • Improved communications
  • Share real time information across your organisation
  • Delegate responsibility for repetitive tasks to most efficient level
Managers Toolkits Written in plain English. Extensive compliance guides for busy people managers
  • Practical, searchable, accessible support 24/7
  • Safely manage routine HR issues from recruitment through to retirement
Forms and Letters Legally compliant forms and letters for safely managing routine HR issues from recruitment and performance, to disciplinary and grievance, redundancy and much more These documents provide a library of up to date support for consistently safe management of routine HR matters across your organisation
Document management system for all your HR documents including Employment Contracts and Policies (Handbooks)
  • Any HR document including employment contracts and policies (employee handbook) can be uploaded to your account by your legal advisor who can update them in line with new legislation and your business requirements so you can instantly issue them to staff
  • Create new employment contracts from the templates your legal advisor has drafted for your organisation
  • Issue documents to your staff direct from your account
  • Store in Personnel Files
  • Publish on the employee’s self-service dashboard
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are using the most up to date version of your master documents
  • Comply with Data Protection regulations
  • Monitor document audit trails
  • Keep notes and date stamp documentation from creation through versioning to publication and receipt
  • Use highly flexible tools to pull data direct from personnel files to documents for single or multiple mail merge and automatic storage.
Personnel Records / Files Personnel files for all your staff including:

  • Employees
  • Workers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Volunteers
  • Apprentices and Interns
  • Self-employed
Compliant and comprehensive

  • Complies with Data Protection legislation giving you peace of mind
  • Enables streamlined, joined up information management
Contracted Hours Whatever hours your staff work you can:

  • Create a template pattern of work and apply it to a group of staff or
  • Create individual patterns for individual personnel whether …
  • full time, part time, zero hours , day or night workers
Use the comprehensive range of tools to easily create a working hours profile for all your personnel
Personnel Folders Drag and drop all your electronic documents straight into personnel folders including:

  • C.V.s
  • File notes
  • Certificates
  • Licences
  • Pension details

Includes images, Excel, Word, PDFs and more

Compliant and accessible

  • Complies with Data Protection legislation giving you peace of mind
  • Enables streamlined, joined up information management at the office or on the move
Project management tool for Performance appraisals, Grievances and Disciplinaries
  • Checklist guidance and document management for Performance appraisals, Grievances and Disciplinaries.
  • Keep all related documents together by linking them to individual Tasks
  • Set and receive automatic email alerts for important Tasks such as managing disciplinary meetings
  • Aids compliant and consistent process management
  • Provides useful audit trail of important procedures, documents and deadlines
Self-Service Absence management
  • Employees can request paid and unpaid leave via their secure online account
  • Managers can approve or reject applications using a range of tools to view information to
  • Employees log in to their account from pages branded as your organisation’s own
  • Streamlines absence management at a stroke
  • Aids accurate capacity management
Absence recording, records & reports Records and reports to ensure managers can access detailed absence data
  • Reports provide key information at a glance
  • Increase productivity and profitability
Sage payroll application
  • Application for importing absence data from the HR portal into Sage payroll
  • It only takes a few minutes i) to export your absence data from the HR Portal and ii) to upload it to Sage payroll using our application
  • Set up an account for your payroll administrator
  • Enable efficient data input
Sickness Absence Triggers Automatically monitor sickness absence and identify trigger points according to your company parameters
  • Monitor sickness absence more effectively
  • Access detailed data for back to work interviews
  • Reduce unnecessary sickness absence
Rota Management
  • Managers can quickly build rotas online and publish them for employees and supervisors to use
  • Wealth of information about employee hours, overtime availability and capacity
  • Save time
  • Monitor and reduce excess overtime
  • improve communications, stay informed
Licenses and renewals, records and reports
  • Set up templates for monitoring your licenses and other renewable items such as insurances, DBS checks, in-house training and other recurring HR events
  • Receive email alerts
  • Automatically notify personnel about renewals
  • flag up overdue renewals
Instantly access accurate, detailed information about compliance status across your organisation
Sage Payroll application Use our application to export the absence data input onto the HR Portal to Sage Payroll Increase efficiency
Advice Bank Store and access legal and HR advice provided to you by your advisors Tagging feature enables easy searching and central storage means you will never be without a copy of the documents you need
Web service bulletins
  • Alert you to updates +/or new feature releases within the HR Portal
  • Users receive the bulletins that are relevant to their user permissions
Improved, efficient communication
Laws in the pipeline Upcoming laws and legislation at a glance are ideal for busy managers
  • Aids compliance
  • Stay informed
HR Diary and My Reminders
  • Each manager can create Reminders for important events.
  • Red flags appear in HR Diary and email alerts are issued
  • Click to go straight through to the source documents
  • Streamlines access
  • Improves efficiency
  • Stay informed
Video Help[More traditional Helpfiles also available]
  • Exactly what it says on the tin!
  • An engaging series of short videos created to help users get the most out of the service
  • This library is continually being developed
  • Unlocks the value of the HR Portal
  • Responds to user preference for consuming new information by video
Technical Helpdesk Tailored help and support available during 9-5pm Mon to Friday Unlocks the value of the HR Portal