HR Team

The Basics

The HR Superheroes team provides a project management service for growing companies which is specifically designed to:

1. implement a sustainable HR strategy approved by your Board of Directors
2. successfully manage staffing issues connected with growth
3. streamline administrative HR and equip the client’s staff to take responsibility at the end of the project
4. install systems which will reduce the risk of employment disputes

Issues which often challenge growth companies during their development include capacity planning, recruitment, training, communication, statutory compliance and performance management.

Failure to plan ahead in good time, poor communication and/or lack of consistent management are just some of the reasons why things go wrong and even with the best of intentions, directors and managers dealing with rapid growth often lack the time even to discuss these matters in any depth, much less deal effectively with them. These risks threaten successful growth and unnerve stakeholders including staff, customers and investors.

HR Superheroes can deliver a value for money solution at a pace, and in a style, to suit you and your company. We will conduct a gap analysis and propose a strategy and implementation plans to take your organisation safely and successfully to the next level.

We will usually work closely with you for 3 to 6 months and when the project is complete your own staff will feel confident to take responsibility for your HR function and you will have a strategy and systems in place to demonstrate enterprise level planning.

After the project ends, your HR Superheroes team can continue to be your expert HR team on standby. For example, we can:

  1. Monitor overall performance against strategic objectives
  2. Report to the Board of Directors
  3. Project manage HR events such as recruitment drives and relocation
  4. Advise on contentious issues

Contact us on 01472 730777 for a no obligation quote for the HR Superheroes service and/ or subscription to the HR Portal.