Mentoring is about passing it forward

When I first heard about mentoring with e-factor’s 100 inspiring Women Project, sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) I was naturally intrigued to find out more. The project is about encouraging successful and entrepreneurial women to mentor others over the course of a year and pass forward their knowledge and experience of working in or running a business.

I thought it was such a great idea and was thrilled to hear from Sam Burgess (e-factor Business Consultant and Membership Manager) to find out I had been invited to take part.

The first step to mentoring

The first step on the mentoring¬† journey was as 1 of the 100 inspiring women attending a short course on ‘How to Be a Mentor’ which I found full of surprises! The biggest was to hear the trainer say mentoring is roughly 90% listening. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I struggle to be quiet for 19% percent of the time never mind 90%.

My employers were extremely supportive when I wanted to get involved with this project – something I am very grateful for as they helped me conquer the nerves I had and gave me the push I needed to really get involved. So after I came to terms with the fact that being quiet was in fact achievable, I began to think about how I could apply the knowledge I was gaining as an apprentice mentor, to my role at work with regards to team management and I can already see the benefits.

Mentors and Mentees are yet to be paired up, but I’m looking forward to our first meeting and will keep you updated!




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Paige-Savanah Drinkell